Monday, March 31, 2014

Make Me Pretty! Benefit Spring Beauty Bash

I usually get a lot of invites to blogger events, but I usually can't make it. For some reason I always have another commitment that day, or get sick, or something or another. But for the first time ever, the kind folks at Lookmazing invited me to an event at Benefit Cosmetics in San Francisco and I was able to make it. Cool beans! The evening including make overs, makeup, and cupcakes. Couldn't complain.

I was already wearing makeup when I got there so my makeup artist, Felicia, just amplified and adjusted my look and I really like what she did.

She put a number of products on me including mascara, concealer, and cheek stain to name a few, but my favorites were the Gimme Brow eyebrow mascara (because eyebrow mascara is pretty much the best idea ever!) and the Lollitint cheek stain that gave my cheeks the perfect pink color. She also taught me a new makeup trick I've been using, which is to line the inner top lid of my eyes as well as the side and a tiny bit of the bottom. It removes the negative space between my liquid liner and my eyes and it makes the look a little more sultry.

Otherwise, sorry for the crickets on this blog. Life's been crazy, and if you're so inclined, check out my photography blog because I've been doing a lot of it lately and there's a little more activity there.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Preview: Jenna

Preview of my shoot with unsigned beauty, Jenna. Isn't she lovely? MU by Inna Mathews, styling by Paula Renee, photography by me. No editing (also by me!)