Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dries Van Noten Spring 2013 - Still Notable

 photo 1_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps072f68b0.jpg  photo 2_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps86696942.jpg  photo 5_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps3ade2a23.jpg  photo 15_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zpsf8e13580.jpg  photo 16_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps5da0849f.jpg  photo 17_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zpsedbda566.jpg  photo 12_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps55d47334.jpg  photo 13_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps01091fa3.jpg  photo 14_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps64ca510d.jpg  photo 6_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zpsc923856c.jpg  photo 7_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zpsdaaa4008.jpg  photo 8_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps3229a0ec.jpg  photo 9_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zps278015f5.jpg  photo 10_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zpsdf486224.jpg  photo 11_dries_van_noten_spring_summer_2013_zpsa4c0c770.jpg
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Dries Van Noten isn't the -est anything. Not the biggest name in fashion, the highest fashion, or the necessarily the "best" fashion, in that it isn't the most wearable fashion for all people across the board. But there was something really special about Dries Van Noten Spring/Summer 2013, because almost a year after its release to stores, we're still talking about it and I am definitely still thinking about it. These images are my top 15 looks from the season, and the ones I am hoping will still inspire my purchases and manner of dress for the coming year. Nothing captured my mind like this since Charlotte Ronson in 2011 (though when placed side by side, Char Ron ain't got nothing on Dries). The layering is impeccable and clever, the patterns are aggressive and aggressively mixed but don't clash, and can we please talk about that perfect pink lipstick?

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