Wednesday, June 19, 2013

What I'd Like to Be Wearing: Overalls and Nike Dunks


Classic black dress / Brian Lichtenberg cotton t shirt / Theory blazer / NIKE shoes / Black leather handbag / Linda Farrow Luxe aviator sunglasses / OPI nail polish

In Italy, I was won over by sneaks. Italians, mostly young folk, wear sneakers a lot in Rome, probably because they walk so much and the cobble stoned streets are hard to manage in heels. I was amazed at how many people were wearing sneakers, in particular the Nike Dunks and on occasion Adidas Sambas. After seeing them enough, all styled to the Sartorialist-worthy perfection, I was sold. The other trend that's recently wore me down? Overalls...which isn't at all surprising considering how much I loved them through my childhood and adolescent years.


  1. wow i love this collection, the leather overalls are insane, love it!,