Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tadashi Shoji - Formalwear Picks!

Like any girl, I love a good kickback day in palazzo pants and a light tee, but also like a lot of other ladies, I love the opportunity to get dressed up and feel like a fashion-forward queen. When I'm invited to formal events, my usual style is to go for an old school movie star store of glamour - I'd rather be classy and classic than too revealing. I'd rather wearing the kind of beautiful gown that doesn't make a big deal of itself, than a eye-popping printed number.

While in my dreams I don Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino, on earth my options are a bit more limited, which is why I love designer Tadashi Shoji so, so much. Though not exactly pocket change (gowns can run for over $500), they are relatively cheap while equally as otherworldly as some of the dresses that parade down those designers runways. As I prep for another fancy affair, here are a few fancy frocks that caught my eye as I iShopped ;).
1. I love how very Valentino this delicate dress is! 2. Simply design and a va-va-oof color, this dress is a TKO
3. A stunning flowy frock fit for a queen-me (Ah, to be a queen) 4. I would totally, totally get married in this dress if it were white...and if I were getting married anytime soon


  1. Love the 3rd dress, it's fit for me toooooo!

    1. Great minds think alike...I bought that one yesterday hehe :)