Friday, June 28, 2013

Boldly Go

Images via Fashion Gone Rogue

When I first took off for my vacation, I thought I'd enjoy not having to think about fashion for a little while. The sneaks-and-tees honeymoon was short lived, however, as even on my days off, I can't help myself - I'm a fashionphile. I yearn for my closet at home, filled with my favorite full skirts and high heels. Maybe I'm remembering it a little too idealistically...when was my closet ever full of full skirts or high heels? In my dreams, perhaps.

In the meantime though, I think this spread from Vogue Latin America July 2013 will certainly, featuring seemingly everything my pajama-clad body would like to be wearing - punchy, perfect prints, ostentatious heavy metal accessories, luxurious fabrics, and my favorite cherry on top, an unapologetic bold red lip. The entire spread is sexy, sultry, eye-grabbing, and anything but effortless. This is me.

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