Friday, April 26, 2013

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

I'm obsessed with my new T/F bag, which I got at LuckyFABB. The pin is my addition. 
Eating healthy. I'm on a big healthy kick right now as I prep for swim season, haha. I love salad with almonds and ginger dressing...yum! 
Picking flowers. Seriously, this is my new hobby now that spring's come around.  
My new Yosi Samra comfortable, and another spoil from LuckyFABB.  
Pumpkin pancakes, because I have to reward myself for being so healthy every so often!  
My Puppy, always.
Sorry updates have been so slow around here lately. I've been doing a lot of shoots and travel, but have also been suffering from some body image issues and lack of wardrobe inspiration. A closet refresh is definitely in order soon! Be sure to keep up with me on Instagram though!

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