Saturday, March 23, 2013

Prada A/W 2013

This might be the world's latest fashion month reporting, but to me, now that the shows are done, I can sit back and think about which collections I really like. Today, I am starting this off with Prada A/W 2013, mostly for the styling tips I stole rather than the pieces themselves. I'll be back with more.
I love the way the skirt suit, with the top off the shoulder, looks chic and disheveled at the same time  
Wear a henley under a ladylike dress for an equally chic-meets-cool look  
I love how this almost matronly skirt suit set got some attitude thanks to a modern gold belt  
Lately, I am obsessed with the exagerrated shape that's created when you wear a full skirt, or in this case, a coat with a full bottom half. The thin sliver belt is a fun accent  
Red leather skirt? FOR THE WIN!
Images via Obsessee

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