Saturday, March 2, 2013

Instagram Lately: February

1. Spring, flowers, mid-day walks, and my Chanel shoes - these are a few of my favorite things 2. Enjoying San Francisco on a beautiful day 3. After my trip to New York, I came home with a new appreciation for California. 4. Chilly Central Park. 5. I truly miss my morning walks in the upper west side of Manhattan. 6. The view of snowy central park from above. 7. Watching little Ria whine about the lipstick she couldn't find - "Wine Not" hahah. Miss her so much! 8. The windows of my beautiful upper west side apartment (for ten days). I do miss it. 9. Freshly cut. My hairdresser, Fred, is really the man. 10. Good morning 11. A fortune that was truly fated to meet me.  12. new Kate Spade sunnies. I had been craving them for way to long. 

 The last month or so of my life according to Instagram. Follow me!

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