Thursday, March 14, 2013

082: Houndstooth Part 1

 photo kate-spade-angelique-sunglasses-ralph-lauren-dress-asos-houndstooth-tights-hm-skirt-ugg-sofia-boot-1_zps4f8447d0.jpg  photo kate-spade-angelique-sunglasses-ralph-lauren-dress-asos-houndstooth-tights-hm-skirt-ugg-sofia-boot-2_zps2f105a75.jpg
Dress - Ralph Lauren, Skirt - H&M, Sunglasses - Kate Spade "Angelique", Boots - Ugg "Sofia", Tote - Ted Baker, Tights - Asos, Lipstick - NARS "Carthage"

Remember how long I wanted these sunnies? Well, here's me finally wearing my pair! This was an outfit I wore in New York in February. Fortunately for me, the material of this dress is nice and warm. It's such a lovely shape and fit, but I wore my skirt under it and left it open in order to create an even more exaggerated feminine, Dior-like shape.


  1. Wow, I'm totally smitten with that dress. I initially thought it was a coat, and you could probably rock it as such. I'm digging the way you've layered it up with the other skirt.



    1. Thanks so much! And I totally agree - it probably could be worn that way and I probably will try it when I get bored of it as a dress. Which happens, because dresses can't be worn that many ways :)

      Also, I really like your blog!