Tuesday, February 12, 2013

079: Orange and Oxblood

 photo american-apparel-chiffon-oxblood-button-up-cameo-pin-sparrow-pencil-skirt-floral-statement-hm-wedges-1_zpsc545a115.jpg  photo american-apparel-chiffon-oxblood-button-up-cameo-pin-sparrow-pencil-skirt-floral-statement-hm-wedges-2_zpscf0f793a.jpg  photo american-apparel-chiffon-oxblood-button-up-cameo-pin-sparrow-pencil-skirt-floral-statement-hm-wedges-3_zps360b82ee.jpg
Chiffon button-up - American Apparel, Pin and necklace - Vintage, Skirt - Sparrow, Bag - Ted Baker, Sunglasses - Chloe 2145, Shoes - H&M

This was probably one of my own favorite outfits ever, or at least in a long time. Lately, I've been noticing that I'm gravitating towards outfits that feature two bold colors, and oxblood and orange just go together perfectly. The socks were added for practical purposes but ended up really making the oxblood in the outfit pop, in my opinion :)