Monday, January 28, 2013

Muisc Monday: Fortune Teller

I found this song by Forest Fire randomly on my iPod last week (FINALLY got a new one) and was shocked at its simple and haunting beauty, considering it was a track that somehow got overlooked every time I touched my iPod. Do yourself a favor and click play and...enjoy!


  1. I'm really loving this lo-fi indie tune. The drawling yet strong vocals, the awesome lyrics ("gatling gun social skills"), I just adore it all. Incredible! I love that another blogger is into doing Music Mondays as well, although mine is more of the EDM variety. :)

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    P.S. Love your style; it's so unique and refined!

    1. Hey Sabrina! So glad you like...I wasn't sure anyone even listened to the tracks I plug on Monday, so thanks for that and the sweet compliment :). Off to see your Music Monday selections and blog now!