Monday, December 31, 2012

Music Monday: Creep

I woke up one morning my roommate was listening to this song, "Creep" by TLC, and it brought me back to the glorious days of early 90s R&B. It's crazy how things have changed since then in music and fashion! In retrospect, the trends for women at the time were so gender-bendy, and no one was trying to be sexy at all, which is very much the opposite of today. At the same time, no one question these women's sexuality or intention - women dressed just like men, save for the crop tops, and that was the end of the discussion. I wonder if this was hip hop's own wardrobe revolution, right next to rock's. I mean peep the plaid shirt around T-Boz's waist...hello, big up to grunge!

Anyway, just an interesting note. I have no explanation for the silky pajamas in this video, or the horrid lipliner that was so in then. Also, RIP Left Eye. Miss you guys. 

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