Friday, November 30, 2012

(Holiday) Party Time

So this is a fact: I've never been to a company holiday party. At my last job, I just couldn't see a reason to spend any more time with my co-workers than I had to, and at my current job, I missed last year's party because I was sick. This year, even though I've already taken the party as a reason to buy a pair of shoes and a makeup bag I intend to use as a clutch, it seems like travel for work and some personal/family commitments will keep me from attending once again. Sigh.

I have to admit though - you see what I did there, in regards to the shoes and the clutch? I really enjoy these more as occasions to add a few things I need/want to my closet, and I also enjoy getting dressed up. Sure, the standard holiday party dress is fine, but if you play your cards right and with some creativity you can use pieces from your holiday party outfit all through the year.

So with that, here are a few outfits I've thought of using pieces that I know I'd be happy to wear in January and beyond. Since these are all outfits I was actually considering, I tried to keep it relatively affordable too.
Zara Blazer and Trousers
Top - River Island (sold out but similar here), Clutch - Asos, Shoes - Sam Edelman, Lipstick - Paul and Joe

I don't know about you, but I would be so happy to get this tartan Zara suit in my closet. I'm really into suit sets right - they're really sophisticated in an old school way, but this one has a print that makes it modern, edgy, and fun. The nice thing is you can break up the pieces and make countless outfits with them, both casual and for work. The bow-tie top compliments the look in a very Alexa Chung sort of way, though I'd prefer a bejeweled one to give the outfit some extra festivity. The suit is a bit androgynous looking though, and you don't want to look too stuffy for a work party because the key word is party. Hence I added some fun pink pumps, an embellished clutch, and pink lipstick to feminize the look. The pink pumps with matching pink lipstick look very Mandy Moore circa last fashion week, no? All together this look is very J. Crew in my opinion.

Dress - Asos, Shoes - Asos 

So should you want to wear a sparkly dress, I endorse this long sleeved number from Asos. It reminds me of Jessica Rabbit but thanks to the sleeves its a little more modest...until you get to that bare back. Subtly sexy, I'd say. And subtle sexy always wins over in-your-face sexy. Nicole Warne  it in green here.

Shoes are usually pricier pieces in outfits, so I decided to pair this dress with these nearly flat red slingbacks. It's unexpected and that's refreshing, but they still manage to work together thanks to the color coordination and gold heel, which make the shoes a tad least formal enough to wear with this dress. And yeah, black pumps work too, of course!

peplum top
Peplum top - TopShop, Leather skirt - Milly (cheaper at Asos here), Shoes - Zara, Quilted bag - Dorothy Perkins

Do you have a leather skirt? I do, and I love it, but if I didn't, I'd be looking for any excuse to get an A-line version into my closet, stat. Consider it just a little black skirt in a fun material and wear it accordingly. Another thing I am coveting as of late are these amazing Zara studded flats, also with a slight heel. I have always wanted to try a peplum top over an A-line skirt...I feel like it would make for a unique shape. The basic black with those ka-pow! shoes mean that you can afford to dress it up a little with jewelry, but you shouldn't go overboard.

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