Monday, November 12, 2012

Music Monday: Ophelia

Do you guys remember Ambulance LTD? They were a five person band out of New York's Spanish Harlem. They released their first album, called simply LP, in 2004 and though sales weren't huge, anyone who knew of it proclaimed it a fantastic album. I think some of their songs charted in the UK and they even did an appearance on Jay Leno, but that was really the most of their success, and it wasn't too long after until all band members, including the founders and lead singers, left the band. It was sad, because Ambulance really had a new sound. It was a mix of the Beatles, beach-y rock, and the shoe-gaze movement, in my opinion.

Anyway, even though they're long gone, give this song a spin and if you like it, you can still find the album, which is a certainly a beautiful musical masterpiece.

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