Friday, November 23, 2012

074: Be The Person You Aspire To Be

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Striped sweater - Timing, Pencil skirt and orange collared shirt - vintage, Boots - Ugg "Sofia," Embossed tote - Ted Baker, Sunglasses - Chloe 2145, Necklace - Gorjana c/o

When I first started working at my current company, I loved fashion, but I was deathly afraid of colors. I mostly wore shades of gray, cream, tan, and then stark black and white. On occasion I would wear color, but more often than not they were muted tones, regardless of the season. As I started to study fashion more for the sake of my work, I started to challenge myself to get outside of my clothing comfort zone. Look at me now, ma! The color blocking trend is long, long dead but, you know what? I loved it. And I still do, so I'm rocking it like its going of of style (ha, horrible pun, I'm sorry!).

(edited - sorry guys, got too personal with this post!)

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