Friday, October 26, 2012

Style Crush: Eleonora Carisi

Meet my newest style crush, Eleonora Carisi. I don't know how I missed her before, but I discovered her from a slideshow on Refinery29 and I quickly googled her to find out more. It turns out she has a blog you can see here. I'm floored by her ability not just to mix high and low, but also her ability to make low and low look so anything but - case in point, that first out looks so Louis Vuitton meets Prada Spring/Summer 2012, but it's actually H&M and Atmosphere (Primark! Can you believe it?). It helps that she is gorgeous and has amazing hair. I also find myself deeply admiring her tattoos - she because she doesn't allow them to limit her style. 

All images via her blog and one via Stockholm Street Style

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