Saturday, August 4, 2012

Urban Outfitters Sale Top 10

I think we can all remember our first encounter with mega retailer Urban Outfitters. I was lucky enough to experience the store at the tender age of 12 due to the fact that one resided right next to my parents favorite Berkeley restaurant. Over 10 years later, I'm amazed that I can still find stuff I like there. I now live walking distance from the exact same store. Some things never change, I guess.

As you can imagine, at 12, I couldn't actually afford anything from there, as I had no money of my own. Now, I'm still a fairly modest spender, so when Urban Outfitters has a sale...I'm there. Online or in line. When I received an email saying the Goodbye Summer Sale was starting I (1) cried "Noooo!!" (2) immediately clicked the link and started searching. I'm always impressed how in between the hip, hipster, and hippie garb, there are very current, very trendy pieces to be found at fractions of the original runway price. So you don't have to go through 25 pages of sale like I did, here are my top 10 picks.

High waist pastel pink jeans by BDG $19.99 (was $58.00)  
Colorblock extreme cat-eye sunglasses $9.99 (was $16.00) (really resemble these)  
Striped pencil peplum skirt $39.99 (was $59.00)  
Bleached/destroyed jeans by BLANKNC $49.99 (was $80.00)  
Pyramid box bag by Deena & Ozzy $34.99 (was $49.00)  
Crochet Cap $24.99 (was $38.00) 

And now...the shoes... 

...(which I am posting here more because of the incredible prices and cuteness, as opposed to how current they are. But they're also pretty current)... 

Frye Maye Vintage Wedge $88.99 (was $189.00)  
Miista Slingback Platform Heel $99.99 (was $222.00...holy cow, $120 off these bad boys)  

Messeca Crochet Wood Bootie $69.99 (was $169.00)

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