Friday, August 31, 2012

Style Icons of Middle Eastern Origin

If any of you have ever wondered where this crazy curly hair comes from, it comes from Egypt....yep, I'm quite nearly 100 percent Egyptian! I have great aspirations in the fashion industry (don't we all?!), but it is sometimes daunting to look at most of today's fashion icons and street style stars from my eyes. Taylor Tomasi-Hill, Miroslava Duma, Jenna Lyons...I love them but I can't help but feel a little distant from them based upon my ethnicity. I want someone to look up to who has hair like me!

But the longer I work in and study fashion, the more I am discovering that there are indeed fashion insiders with Middle Eastern origins, just like me. To name a few:

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Yasmin Sewell may call her her home nation Australia, but the style maven is of Lebanese descent (the last name was taken on from her first husband), and she has had stints in London and New York as well. She works as a trend forecaster and fashion retailer consultant, and is well respected in both fields. Source

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Caroline Issa is the executive fashion director of Tank Magazine, which has been called one of the top 10 independent magazines. Born and bred in Montreal, Issa is half Chinese, a quarter Iranian, and a quarter Lebanese. She started out working in management consulting until she happened to meet the folks at Tank, and the rest is history. She's such a unique beauty, and for some reason, just based upon her photos I feel like she must be a really nice person. Oh and look, here she is with Yasmin Sewell. Source

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Sama and Haya Abu Khadra are young, glamorous, wealthy guessed it, twins! Personally, I don't find their personal styles appealing at all, but they are fashion week mainstays, first getting noticed while they were scouting for their mom's store, Dubai's The Art of Living, at the tender age of 15. The twins are of Palestinian heritage but call Dubai home. Source

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Preetma Singh isn't of Middle Eastern origin, but she is Indian, which is equally fascinating and different. She's also my personal, ultimate style icon, so naturally I'm always going to try and find a way to work her into anything! Originally working in corporate law, Preetma left her job and joined Refinery29 as an intern. Quickly rising as a street style star, she then worked at Vogue as the fashion assistant, and recently came on at Marie Claire as the associate market editor. Source

Anyway, I hope this blog post doesn't offend anyone! It was by no means intended to be offensive in any manner.

Images via StreetFSN, Street Peeper, Citizen Couture, All the Pretty Birds, Shop Stone, Vanessa Jackman, Lee Oliveira

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