Sunday, July 29, 2012

Current Obsession: Gorjana Jewelry

You may or may have not have noticed that I have a particular affinity to Gorjana jewelry. I was first introduced to their jewelry line via a gift in my LuckyFABB swag bag from last Fall. I was into hefty statement jewelry at the time and actually scoffed at the necklace at first, but I kept it anyway. Slowly but surely, my style has changed so that now, more often than not, all I want to toss on with any outfit is that dainty tassle necklace. Since then, my statement necklaces have remained in their boxes and I build all of my "What I'd Like to Be Wearing" posts with Gorjana jewelry.

It's funny - as I've got older, I see my jewelry taste has become almost strictly designer. I have a massive jewelry collection ranging from Vanessa Mooney, House of Harlow 1960, Amrita Singh, all the way down to flea market finds, H&M pieces, and some Forever 21. But for how much wear I get out of the pricier pieces (and how little I wear the cheaper ones), I am going to continue investing. I'd love to grow my collection of nOir and Joanna Laura Constantine, but alas, those are two designers I love that insofar have proven to be unattainable.

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