Monday, June 4, 2012

Note to Self: Check Spam Box (I won!)

I don't usually post more than once per day, but I just had to check in with you guys because I just found out that I placed as a runner up in the Stumble Upon x House of Harlow 1960 contest! The contest is called "The Best of Spring" and basically you had to make an outfit around that theme. I use Polyvore for work quite frequently, so I made an outfit involving many things I am into right now, including a white suit, lipstick tones (on clothing), daytime sequins, and my favorite House of Harlow cuff bracelet. I won almost a week ago but didn't know because the email went to my spam folder - how glad am I that they emailed me again and this time it went to my inbox??!

Spring StumbleUpon Outfit

I gushed about House of Harlow before and so it was a real treat getting that email. I already claimed my prizes - this necklace and these earrings. Here is the blog post in which StumbleUpon names the winners, which were judged by Can I tell you how flattered I am that picked me??!

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