Saturday, June 2, 2012

Gifted Girl

A few weeks ago, I was floored to receive an email from the Urban Outfitters PR department thanking me for my support of their denim (I own a number of BDG jeans, but I wear the shit out of my mint BDG jeans). I was first floored by the fact that Urban Outfitters had noticed this blog, and then floored again with they (hi Crystal!) asked me if they could send me some jeans from their new denim collection. Well, I couldn't have been more grateful. The package came nicely wrapped holding three pairs of wiiild printed jeans and I love every one of them (though the pink ones are my absolute faves!). I can't wait to wear them. I haven't thought of an outfit for the black ones yet, but I'm sure I will.

Since I received a gift and all, I guess now's a good time to  make outline my policy with gifts.
  1. I will never accept or wear a gift if it doesn't suit my personal style.
  2. I will always tell you when I am wearing something that was gifted to me.
  3. I will always, always appreciate the sentiment. A gift is a gift - no one is entitled to it. So if someone were to offer one to me, even if I can't accept it, I'd always say thank you. I think "thank you" is something we don't hear enough these days.
That said, thank you Urban Outfitters and Crystal :)


  1. lucky duck! i want free pants! FREEPANTS! I'm gonna make a shirt that says free pants like pants are a political prisoner.

  2. That's so incredible! Especially because it is a brand you already support so much- a dream come true and definitely the perfect brand relationship. I like your policy on gifted items as well. It's always so flattering, even if you don't feel like you can honestly accept it.

    Triple Thread