Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Coachella Digital Diary

Last weekend served as a much needed break for me. I bought a Coachella ticket a few months ago irresponsibly and when I realized I couldn't sell it, I decided to arrange a trip. There was about three weeks left to the fest and I convinced my friend Samihah to buy a ticket off Craig's list. A shitty motel was booked, a ride share reserved, and this Coachella thing just happened. I had been before many years ago and knew I would have the time of my life...and I did. The thing about "the time of your life" is that you don't want to carry a camera. Who cares about documenting life when you're so busy living it? As a result, I borrowed my work's Canon G12 only to not carry it beyond day 1. It was just too heavy, and a heavy bag means less rocking out. Below are a few of those Canon G12 pictures, more photos from my instagram, and some memorable tweets or quotes of the fest (more of less).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my journey...and if you've never been, you have to find a way to go. Coachella is inexplicably amazing. For three whole days it is simply life as you've never felt it before.

That said, unfortunately I don't have an outfit post because I was out and about for some much of last week. But I hope you enjoy these photos instead! (P.S. Those bloggers that look great during the whole fest didn't actually leave the VIP section)

Venice Beach, 3:00 a.m. Good morning.
So totally necessary right now. #Coachella day 1 on 3 hours of sleep  
If there isn't a fucking Tupac hologram at #Coachella this weekend I want my fucking money back  
I don't care if you're at #Coachella, it's never okay to wear a fanny pack #notokay  

David Hasselhoff

"Why would someone call you and try to have a conversation during Coachella? Saying 'I'm at Coachella' is like saying 'I'm in another country.' It's just understood."
"I like sassy boys because I like kind of douchebags" - me on the Canadian boy I met
"We narrowed down the year rap died...2003."
"Aww that's no fair! How come the handicapped people have their own balcony?"

"Where is your roommate?" "I keep telling her to come down and hang at the pool, but she's just sitting in our motel room, napping and making raver bracelets."
All #Coachella days start with a trip to Denny's
Only half way through #Coachella and I've developed a pretty gnarly tan  
Party bus! State Farm giving free lifts to Coachella-goers, whoa! #StateFarm
"When you're dehydrated, water tastes like sweet, sweet honey."  
#Coachella might just be the closest we've ever come to utopia. I want to live in this festival forever.
If they can make a fucking Tupac hologram, they can do anything #Coachella

The award for best campsite goes to these dudes!
Riding in style, the State Farm golf cart gave us a lift from the party bus drop off to the main festival entrance. So #legit.
"This isn't a tan line, it's a dirt line."
By the end of day 3 Coachella you start to think this is your life. Yeah I pool party, make friends, and watch live music everyday #sowhat. Going to miss this place...
Just saw a dude with a fresh "You only live once " tattoo. #yolo I guess... 
2:30 a.m., the Coachella-goers at my motel congratulate the ones that just arrived back for completing Coachella. Really been enjoying the #CoachellaComradery I've experienced here. So cute.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

031: Put a Bow On It

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
Sleeveless jacket - MM Couture, shirts - vintage, Mint jeans - BDG, Heels - H&M, Bag - Vintage Coach, Sunnies - Ray-Ban, Bow belt - Vintage

An outfit centered around this adorable vintage bow belt (which happens to belong to my roommate). How cute is it?