Friday, March 2, 2012

Girl Crush: Preetma Singh

Of all the people I refer to as one of my style icons, I don't hold any to a higher esteem that Preetma Singh. She is the definition of personal style. Trends come and go and on occasion she'll endorse one, but she has a style that is so staunchly her own that you can't ignore it. Personally, I love people who know what they want, what they are, and thus they know what they like to wear. I think it shows confidence and a certain sort of self-awareness. Her style is quite eclectic but never veers from a mix of high and low and usually a bit of menswear. The factor evident in all of her outfits? 100 percent excellence. She always looks great, in my humble opinion. Her lawyer-turned-Refinery29-fashion-assistant-turned-Vogue-fashion-assistant story is almost as inspiring as her outfits. I said almost ;)

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