Tuesday, February 28, 2012

017 It's a dress! It's a Jumpsuit! It's Just A Top and Some Pants!

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Pants - Zara (borrowed from my housemate), Top - Plastic Island, Long necklace - Amrita Singh via Hautelook, Choker - gift from a friend, Jacket - Cynthia by Cynthia Steffe, Shoes - Deena and Ozzy, Clutch - Cooperative, watch - vintage Timex, Gold ring - vintage, Sunglasses - Chloe (similar here)
I'm pumping up some cobalt for spring! I wanted to wear an outfit of mismatched blues, but when I put this top and pants together, it turned out they matched perfectly. I don't mind matchy-matchyness so I went with it either way. So no, it's not a jumpsuit. They're separates. And I'm so pleased to have finally found a choker and long necklace that are layerable.

On an unrelated and last note, I had an A-ha moment last week. I realized that I'm really enjoying doing this, so much so that even if no one ever reads it, I'm totally happy (and now I actually have a few subscribers! Hi guys!). For the most part, I'm actually pretty happy in my life right now, actually. Sure, things could always be better, but at the same time, when were things ever this good? I have a job I love, live in an awesome house in a great city, am about to get the dog of my dreams, and have a bunch of loving friends and family. I believe in always reaching farther...but I also believe in counting your blessings.Thanks for reading :)

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  1. this top and pants look like be one piece! i love the colors!you have gorgeous style dear! iam following! follow me back?????


    thank u! kisses!