Thursday, February 23, 2012

016 Slouchy

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Sandals - Antelope Collection via Crossroads (similar here), Pants - BCBG Maxazria via Crossroads, Hat and sweater - H&M, Sunglasses - House of Harlow 1960, Bag - Roots, necklace - Gorjana c/o, Socks - target 

Yes, I wear socks with sandals. I love socks and anything and I don't care.

Okay, now that we've got past that, I have to say something about this outfit reminds me now of Rumi Neely. I mean, she wasn't the first person to wear slouchy, but she's done it so much and so well that she might as well have patented it. Anywho, I was going for comfy but no sweats comfy. Mission accomplished, I think. Oh, and I love the sandals. I've been waiting to wear them since December. It's funny because I didn't think they would just be manrepelling but in fact humanrepelling, but since I wore this outfit I've only gotten complimented on them. A few people even said they liked them with the socks, which was surprising.

So now for banter unrelated to this outfit.


Coming back from NYC a few weeks ago was like a culture shock for me. I've lived here in the Bay Area for almost my entire life, but being in NYC felt so natural and so right. I spent a good amount of time with my good friend Ashley, who moved to NYC in October to purse her dreams of being a wardrobe stylist. I now miss her immensely.

Being in NYC is unlike anything I've ever experience anywhere else in the world. It was my second time there so I already knew much of this, but I had more time to reflect on it this time around. Everyone seems to have a personal compass pointed at something they're working towards. Everyone walks fast and as if they have some place important to be, and they might! I know some people find this disdainful, but as a fellow driven, ambitious person, I find it admirable. A good friend of mine once told me, "Sarah, LA is a place where talented people go and get lazy. New York is where talented people go and get to work."

Basically, NYC is the place to be. I love that place.


  1. I love NYC too!!! I loooove it! Also I loved your outfit in those photos :)

    1. It's a wonderful place! And thank you :)