Sunday, February 12, 2012

012 Wednesday Addams x Christian School Boy

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Dress - Evil Twin via Crossroads, Hat - Forever 21, Purse - Vintage via Paris Flea Market, Coat - H&M, Boots - Ugg, Button Up - Romwe, Socks - target, Sunglasses - House of Harlow 1960 

I came up with this outfit on an average day while standing in front of my closet wondering the age old question, "What do I wear?" When I came up with this Wednesday Addams meets creepy Christian school boy ensemble, I loved it instantly but accepted that it was too dressed up for what I was doing. I decided to save it for the right occasion and when I found out I had the opportunity to go to one day of New York Fashion Week, I packed it without question.

Fast forward and I am on the train heading to Lincoln Center, the place where fashion week goes down in NYC. As I was trying to find my friend Ashley in the train station, I actually heard a kid say "pilgrim" and his female friend laughed in agreement. It was weird...I haven't been questioned or laughed at for an outfit in so long, I was sort of taken aback, but I actually just laughed with them. I loved the outfit so much when I picked it out and that it didn't occur to me that some might find it strange. Regardless though, I'm comfortable enough in my own skin and in my own clothes to know that anyone who laughs at someone for choosing to express themselves in a certain way just isn't confident enough to say their own piece in the same way. I stopped caring about what people thought about my outfits when I realized that kids on the train, in the street, in the super market - they don't actually matter. It was so liberating when I had this epiphany that I started wearing a duct tape purse and a German army jacket. Things have changed little. I wear what I want and that's that.

And the neat thing is, as soon as I got to Lincoln Center I was approached by a photographer working for the famed New York Magazine's The Cut. I made it on slide nine. 

I was there to take some photos for my own digital diary and to spend time with my friend Ashley, but the street style photographers were a little hard to avoid (not to complain!). Finally, Ashley and I had to leave, but just as we were moving towards the street my eyes met Phil, the man behind the blog Street Peeper, walking backwards until he was in front of me, camera shyly raised as if to say, "can I take your photo?" He told me he was working for US Vogue and I told him how much I enjoyed his portion during September's LuckyFABB conference. I  didn't make it to, but I was flattered that he approached me. His blog is wonderful and he strikes me as a nice person. Naturally, my day was made.


  1. this is amazing! you're awesome. and you're at sweet!

    1. First comment yay! Thanks, Amanda! I was there last week, just for one day, but good enough for me :)