Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Golden Era


Charlotte Ronson shook grunge out of its state of sleeping in 2011 with gorgeous girls clad in throwback 'fits, all with an ironically sexy twist. It was like Angela Chase and Kurt Cobain had many, many beautiful babies, and they all happened to be girls. Mega babe girls.

With just a little bit of seriousness, it's no secret that I love 90s grunge. Sometimes I have days where I want to dress like Angela Chases' other best (you know, the one never introduced in the show), and sometimes I just try to infuse a little bit of grunge into a more polished work outfit. Heavens knows why. I was just a wee child in 1994 when Kurt Cobain committed suicide, but I find great comfort in the music of the early 90s, especially Nirvana. Rock was hard, fashion was anti-fashion, cool was decidedly not. I realize trying to dress like I came from an early 90s TV show won't actually change the time I live in...but it's all a girl's got!

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